The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) is organized exclusively to promote the common business interests of those parties seeking to advance the use of biodiesel and/or renewable diesel as a fuel or fuel additive that meets ASTM standards. To advance these common interests, the NBB will admit to membership, on a nondiscriminatory basis, any industry member or supporter who meets the member requirements.

Biodiesel: the mono alkyl esters of long-chain fatty acids that are derived from animal fats or vegetable oils and that meet or exceed the specifications of ASTM D6751 or any legal successor thereto.

Renewable Diesel: the hydrocarbon fuel derived from renewable material that meets the specifications of ASTM D975 or its legal successor and also meets the properties below:

  1. i. Oxidation Stability: ASTM D2274 (16h @ 95°); 2.5mg/100mL maximum; and
  2. ii. Oxygen Content: ASTM E385; 100 ppm maximum. 

Renewable Hydrocarbon Diesel is produced in a facility dedicated exclusively to the production of biomass-based diesel as defined in the RFS2 rules of the EPA. It does not include co-processed renewable fuel.


A Voting Membership on the National Biodiesel Board is available to any biodiesel and/or renewable diesel Feedstock Producer Organization, Producer, or Marketer that is dedicated to the corporate purpose, pays the required dues, complies with the Articles, Bylaws, and Policies and Procedures of the National Biodiesel Board, and operates in a manner consistent with NBB goals.

Membership Approval Procedure

Upon receipt of a completed NBB Membership Application Form, a signed Health Effects Access Agreement (for Producers and Marketers), and a check for the appropriate Minimum Annual Dues, NBB shall act expeditiously on the application pursuant to the procedure detailed in the NBB Directorship Admission Policy.

Membership Classes

NBB has two classes of Voting Memberships (Voting):

  • Feedstock Producer Organization.1
  • Producer/Marketer.1

NBB has two classes of Non-Voting/Associate Memberships (Non-Voting):

  • An Organization
  • An Individual

"Feedstock" means a material that can be used to produce biodiesel and/or renewable diesel.
"Feedstock Producer Organization" mean the producers of feedstock for either biodiesel and/or renewable diesel.
"Producer" means both a biodiesel and/or renewable diesel producer.
"Markerter" means both biodiesel and/or renewable diesel marketer.


NBB operates on a fiscal year that starts on October 1 of each year and ends on September 30 of the following year. All dues payments are geared to this schedule. Dues are not tax deductible as charitable deductions but may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses. Initial dues will be prorated to the fiscal year quarter in which Membership is granted. An eligible dues pay or must pay dues according to the following:

Feedstock Producer Organization: $10,000 per NBB fiscal year.
Two or more Feedstock Producer Organizations may pool their contributions to meet or exceed the minimum $10,000 dues and, having done so, may jointly appoint the Voting Member to whom they are thereupon entitled.

Producer or Marketer: $2,500 per NBB fiscal year.
Additionally, on gallons above 312,500, members must pay Volume Dues based upon the cumulative annual volume of biodiesel and/or renewable diesel produced, as follows:

Total Volume Produced during NBB's current fiscal year (gallons) Volume Dues ($2,500 Minimum)
0 to 10,000,000  
$.008 per gallon ($80,000)
10,000,001 to 30,000,000  $.003 per gallon($60,000)
Amounts over 30,000,000$.001 per gallon 

Producers and Marketers shall be invoiced for their $2,500 Minimum Annual Dues at the beginning of each fiscal year. Then Producers and Marketers will make monthly reports of volumes produced on the NBB member’s only website. If the reported cumulative volume produced during the year-to-date has exceeded 312,500 gallons, then Volume Dues must be paid in accordance with the schedule above. Information on volumes reported shall be restricted pursuant to the NBB Confidentiality Policy.

 $2,500 per NBB fiscal year.

Individual: $500 per NBB fiscal year.

Fuel sales among NBB Producers/Marketers: 

For purposes of calculating Volume Dues payments, gallons of biodiesel and/or renewable diesel that are sold among NBB members shall be counted only once. Volume Dues on such sales shall be paid only by the first NBB member involved in the transaction (whether the member produces the fuel, purchases it, or simply brokers it).

Volume Dues Auditing Policy: 

NBB shall have access to the Member's books and records relevant to the proper payment of Volume Dues. If a Volume Dues audit reveals the member has underpaid NBB by more than 10 percent of the amount due, the member shall be assessed and shall be liable for the costs of the audit. All information accessed by the audit shall remain restricted pursuant to the NBB Confidentiality Policy.

Proper and timely payment of all dues allows the member, if an individual, to be a Member of the National Biodiesel Board (NBB). If a legal entity, proper and timely payment of dues allows the member to designate one individual to be a Delegate to the NBB. Nonpayment of dues is grounds for membership discipline, including suspension or revocation of membership. Appropriate Minimum Annual Dues must accompany all membership applications.

Delegates and Alternates:

Voting Members. In order to operate knowledgeably, efficiently and consistently in the best interests of the biodiesel and renewable diesel industry, that dues-paying legal entity must appoint only one individual to serve it consistently at NBB meetings.

That designated individual will be its Voting Delegate. This person must be an officer or agent of the dues-paying entity with full authority to vote on all matters coming before the Voting Members of the NBB. Each Voting Member elected shall have the option to designate an Alternate in writing within thirty (30) calendar days of the election.

Meeting Attendance:

Faithful attendance at meetings is necessary for the NBB to act faithfully for the benefit of the industry. Proper attendance at an NBB meeting that fails for lack of a quorum is a waste of time for those Members who took the time to faithfully attend, and accomplishes nothing for the industry. Important Notice: An NBB Member, through its Voting Delegate or Alternate, is strongly encouraged to attend all meetings, and expected to attend at least half of all NBB meetings.

NBB Structure:

NBB’s Governing Board consists of 15 Directors elected by and from Voting Members. Seven (7) of the Directors are elected by Weighted Voting. When a membership vote is taken by Weighted Voting, each Voting Member possesses one vote for each $1,000 in Total Financial Contribution for the first $100,000 and one vote for each additional $10,000. "Total Financial Contribution" includes dues, program funding, contributions to the National Biodiesel Foundation, and cash sponsorship of NBB events due from or obligated by the Member during the previous year and accrued on NBB's books by October 31. The remaining eight (8) Directors are elected by Straight Vote.

    Other Requirements:

    A Voting Member must meet all applicable requirements listed in the NBB Membership Admission Policy.

    For more information about joining the National Biodiesel Board, please contact us at (800) 841-5849.

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